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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Fairies Wear Boots

Inspired by the Iron Man post, I decided to post Perl-related article here, once a week, on my new blog. I've never done this blogging stuff before, so it's a new uncharted land for me. Being that I'm not that really good in public type of self-expressions, it (this blogging mess) will need some extra energy from me.
So, don't expect some uberclever programming themes. For the start, I'll write about simple/dumb stuff I do all the time at my work.

So much for the intro, and now for something slightly different.


/I3az/ said...

Yes blogging can be hard work but it can also be fun.

I find blogging on a subject an excellent method for getting my head around something new.

Good luck with the blogging.


rjbond3rd said...

I look forward to reading your posts. "Simple/dumb stuff at work with Perl" is basically my whole life, and I love it.